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Copyright protection is automatic. You do not need to seek registration to obtain copyright protection.

Since Vietnam is a member of the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works, the work of a foreign national will be automatically protected in Vietnam if he or she is a member of a country that is a member of Berne, or if his or her work has been first published in a Berne member country.

Although it is not a prerequisite for copyright protection in Vietnam, copyright owners can record their copyright with the Copyright Office of Vietnam (COV). Normally, the copyright owners often choose to pursue recordation because it can be useful as prima facie evidence when enforcing copyrights in Vietnam and saves time and costs in proving that copyright exists and you are the owner

IP-MARK ASIA can assist you with prosecution of applications for copyright registration at the COV and advice as well as representation clients in actions against copyright infringement and copyright piracy on and off the internet.

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